Planing, Developing, Realizing

In ITD & PM UG, the competences of several German companies are collected. It was founded to handle joint projects of companies. Thus, the ITD & PM UG is a truly multi-disciplinary company, which operates in the areas of project management, marketing and sales.


Under the direction of our employees and partners, over 100 buildings have been serviced and successfully implemented. The services cover building engineering, architecture, design and consultancy. We are making use of high-tech building materials and work closely with German universities to develop them. Through the social change that the whole world is experiencing, we are implementing revolutionary office and living concepts.


We face the challenges of the 21st century with our expertise. Urbanization, globalization, climate change and population growth are topics that will not only concern us in the near future. These factors have a direct impact on the infrastructure of a country. With innovative building materials, we work on high-tech solutions and see our work as a service to a community to make the lives of many people more enjoyable and easier.

Planing & Urban Design

Urbanization is changing the image of cities and presenting them with ever-growing challenges. Through an exact analysis of the infrastructure used by the residents, we develop innovative traffic control systems (smart motorways) and use building materials at the molecular level, which accelerates the construction of urgent roads and saves considerable costs for the operator and thus society.

Environment & Health

We advise our clients in the areas of environment and health in the planning of infrastructure projects. Every intervention in a landscape brings with it social and environmental changes. These must be planned and implemented responsibly and sustainably. In this way, our customer can already assess regulatory or legal consequences during the planning phase and adapt his project accordingly so that a sustainable approach to our environment is guaranteed.


The renewable energy sector is a fast growing business with many players. The developments in this sector are progressing steadily. Based on a future-oriented and economic analysis of the energy demand, we plan and supervise the implementation of projects in this sector. Qualified experts from the heart of development advise you on the possibilities of your project. Germany may proudly refer to the renewable energy market as a leader in engineering.

Management Consulting

The world is constantly changing. Always new variables are added. The field of IoT and digitization is a topic of discussion worldwide. This presents companies and countries with the challenge of responding to these developments. Therefore, we advise you to prepare for these changes with your infrastructure and business model. Well-proven experts in the field of cyber-security are at your disposal as well as technicians and developers of sensor technology. This is done in cooperation with several German universities.

Our experts are available in the fields of engineering, architecture, research of new building materials and management.

Depending on the project and need, we have an excellent network that will allow you to find the best solution for your challenge. Strategies, processes, costs and communication are in the hands of certified managers who have already implemented billions in projects and enjoy international recognition.