How can we improve life in our cities?

Maximize town potential, drive medical aid Associate in Nursingd leverage knowledge in an progressively advanced scheme. Let’s outline and implement the correct strategy together: as a town or district, developer, investor, infrastructure operator, technology player or a city-related service supplier.

What will we do for you?

Ensuring infrastructure efficiency

City, district infrastructure and operations, like transportation, water & wastewater, buildings, healthcare delivery or air quality management need to be managed efficiently.

Addressing the climate change

Cities and districts need to ensure air quality and deliver on decarbonization across the city and economy, e.g., in power generation, buildings and transport.

Rising expectations for needs-based services

In case of unexpected events, like financial crises or epidemics, cities and districts need to react fast in adopting local coping strategies, utilizing the strength of their ecosystems.

Scaling up from individual digital use cases

Individual digital use cases, applying technologies such as AI, IoT or blockchain across domains in Cities and Districts ultimately require orchestration by comprehensive digital twins.

Data and cyber security concerns

With increasing connectedness across energy, mobility, security, logistics & supply, environment and building, ensuring data availability and cyber security becomes paramount for city and districts.

Coping with local impact of global black swan events

In case of unexpected events, like financial crises or epidemics, cities and districts need to react fast in adopting local coping strategies, utilizing the strength of their ecosystems.

What makes a city smart?

How can it happen?

Analysis Of Needs

As part of the needs analysis, we pragmatically collect the necessary key figures for your project with the help of proven methods and explore the goals of the project.

Project Description & Creation Of The Specification Sheet

We create the project idea, initial situation, requirements, participants, objectives, finances and other framework conditions in a tried and tested form. The entirety of the requirements and specifications are worked out on the basis of possible tenders.

Develop & Manage Tenders

The publication of tenders poses some challenges and has already wasted a lot of tax money. We recognize the dangers of possible supplements and exclude them through skilful risk management and correct structuring.

Product And Process Independent Solution Development

We check the profitability and possible alternatives. In this way, we work out existing possible solutions together and create the basis for successful decision-making.

Application & Legal Support For EU Subsidies

It is advisable to develop a project in a team from the outset who know the ways of funding. We accompany this process to success.

Project Management & Construction Supervision

Our certified and experienced project managers from the IT and construction sectors face the challenges of your project.

Marketing & PR Consulting

An innovative project needs the approval of the citizens. We present the added value of your project in the media and react quickly to feedback before, during and after the project is completed.

Your advantages

Complex challenges require outstanding solutions. Receive independent advice and access to the world’s leading research and development technologies


We are always up to date.


We are well connected in research departments of universities worldwide.


Complex challenges require outstanding solution. We are developing customized tailor made solutions together with our partners and you.


In the development of your project, our advisors are experts on inquiring EU grants.

Your trusted partner…Consulting is more than giving advice!

We are manufacturer-independent and highly specialized consultants with a broad network of development partners, manufacturers and universities.

We are a trusted partner by many federal and state authorities, but also by many cities.

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