ITD &PM’s procurement department has a very important responsibility as it stands at the middle position of EPC or EPCM. We stand for EPC by constantly working with and connecting projects and project teams.

Our Procurement Department experts are specialized in procurement of materials within the working budget of projects, control of production progress after ordering and quality control of inspections and transportation to sites according to the project plan.

Procurement in plant construction is much more extensive than in other industries in terms of quantity of materials, price and number of employees – although this depends on the type of plant.

We are receptive to manufacturers from around the world offering materials at competitive prices. Some procurement processes can take more than a year and include quotations, negotiations, purchase orders and quality checks. During procurement, we translate the technical requirements drawn on plans into tangible items needed for the construction phase.

Our procurement is an important part of the EPC phase and the most important part of our role is quality control.

The materials ordered are checked at each stage of the manufacturing process until they reach the desired quality level.

Inspections are carried out in conjunction with VT Ingenieure GmbH from Germany, manufacturers, third party companies and sometimes customers based on a precise, efficient and effective inspection plan.

Materials and equipment supplied by the supplier are usually transported to the sites by ship. The logistical process is reviewed in time to meet the exact schedule for the entire project.

The process is affected by the changing schedule of material production or weather at sea.

We are well organized in our overall schedule, the transportation method or route is very important to us.

The long delivery times and schedule take into account transportation conditions such as roads and bridges, the route to the site and special customs clearance in the site countries.

When all materials and equipment have arrived at the sites, the person responsible for procurement can feel a sense of accomplishment and pride.

We offer best and worst case procurement scenarios based on our decades of international experience.

reducing costs across the value chain

causing greater efficiency in the delivery of quality goods and services

assisting with product innovation

mitigating supplier risk

increasing supply chain resiliency

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